First–rate dedicated hosting services in a top–notch data center in the US.

With a dedicated servers hosting package, you’ll be able to ensure the very best browsing experience for your site visitors. The location of your dedicated server, though, is yet another crucial factor for ensuring perfect web page load speeds.

We offer you the possibility to have your server hosted in one of the best–connected datacenters in the United States of America. It is located in downtown Chicago, IL and will guarantee the ultimate browsing experience for your clients on the North American and Latin American markets.

In the data center in the US you will find several different robust dedicated server configurations offering SATA 2 disk drives, Gigabit Network Interface Cards as well as generous monthly traffic and RAM memory allocations. During the registration process, you’ll be able to select your desired Operating System. Moreover, you will be granted full root privileges and three absolutely free dedicated IP addresses. The dedicated server will be configured free of charge and will come with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. You can find the data center in the US option on the signup page.

Other US Hosting Services

Apart from dedicated servers, in our data center in the US you will find USA Based Cloud Web Hosting packages featuring unmetered disk space, traffic and MySQL database space quotas. Also, every single cloud web hosting package offered by Ready Web Hosting features domain for just $13.50.

USA Based Linux VPS Web Hosting Packages are available as well. They represent a much more affordable alternative to dedicated servers, offering similar system resources but at a lower price. Because of this, a Virtual Private Server can be a perfect home for resource–heavy websites such as popular online shops or CPU–intensive software applications.

Furthermore, our data center in the US is the home of our USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Packages. Semi–dedicated servers are a special web hosting solution, a combination between dedicated servers and cloud web hosting packages. They offer you significantly more power under the hood than regular web hosting packages do, yet they do not entail the server administration tasks usually associated with dedicated servers.