A backup is a copy of an Internet site that's kept on a separate web server and could be restored if something goes wrong with the live site - a defeated script update, an unintended deletion of some file or of the whole database, and so on. Restoring the site the way it was will eliminate or limit the damage the problem may have caused, which is by all means an obviously better option than having to rebuild the whole website from scratch. Though you could download a copy of your content on your PC, keeping a backup is a functionality that most hosting providers incorporate as part of their packages. You'll have to take a look at how frequently they do that, though, because some providers generate a backup just once every week, which can be far from enough for a booking Internet site or an e-commerce portal in which the information is updated daily. Make sure that you see how quick and simple a backup may be restored, which can be vital if some problem appears on your website.

Daily Data Back-up in Cloud Web Hosting

If you order any of the cloud web hosting solutions we provide, you can take advantage of the backup feature that comes with our packages by default and without extra cost. We'll produce a copy of your files and databases not once, but a minimum of four times daily, so every time a problem shows up on your site for whatever reason, we can swiftly restore everything, and in the worst type of scenario, your site will be restored the way it was only a few hours ago. There are two ways for a backup to be restored - you could contact us using a support ticket and we will do what’s necessary on our end within an hour, or you can directly copy the info from the backup to the live Internet site folder from the File Manager section of the Hepsia website hosting CP, in which you will find all of the backups which have been produced listed in chronological order.

Daily Data Back-up in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our system creates a full backup of the files and databases in each semi-dedicated server account created on our cutting-edge web hosting platform, so when you host your Internet sites with us, you'll never need to deal with data loss, particularly having in mind that the copies are generated at least 4 times each day and are kept for at least seven days. Restoring the content requires only several minutes and could be carried out in two ways. The first one is to open a support ticket with this request, specifying from which date you would like the data backup to be restored. Another way is to restore the content by yourself, due to the fact that the backups are available within the File Manager section of the Control Panel and you can easily take a look at them freely to see what every folder includes. All it takes to restore a backup is to copy the contents of the backup folder to the domain folder. You will be able to see the timestamp for each backup within the account, so you can select the one you need.