The monthly website traffic function is generally known as information transfer or bandwidth as well, still all of the aforementioned terms refer to the very same thing - how much data can be transferred to and from a cloud web hosting account. The traffic can be generated in just two ways, the more visible one being web site visits. When somebody loads your site, their Internet browser requests and downloads the web pages from the web hosting server then shows them on their end. The more visitors you have, the more outgoing traffic is generated from your website hosting account. As this characteristic includes the total website traffic, not only the site visits, you should not forget that incoming traffic is measured too. Which means website content as well as other files that you upload to your account with a file manager or an FTP application are counted towards your account quota. Your transfer is typically monitored every month and the counter resets on the first day of each and every month irrespective of your actual signup date.

Monthly Traffic in Cloud Web Hosting

The monthly traffic quota for all of our cloud web hosting packages is sufficient for any kind of site. If you have a blog, a discussion board or electronic commerce portal, what amount of information can be transferred to and from your account or hitting some modest allowance limit will not be a reason for your sites to be inaccessible. Furthermore, we supply you with detailed website traffic statistics, so that you'll be able to monitor the amount of data is being downloaded at all times. The hourly, daily and monthly statistics will give you an idea how the sites do, which files produce most of the web site traffic plus a lot more useful information that can help you take care of your sites along with the account altogether. The stats can be seen with just a couple of mouse-clicks from your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server plans are very powerful and you can run a couple of web sites in one account. The monthly website traffic feature suits that power, that's why what you will have is a hosting account with truly limitless information transfer. For this reason, your sites can grow as much as it's possible with this kind of website hosting and you can receive as many site visitors as you would like. For enhanced web site and account administration, you can check out how much website traffic each of your web sites generates, yet we won't set a restriction. For your benefit, you can view hourly, daily and monthly figures as well as the particular webpages that are visited most often, or files that are downloaded the most. With our semi-dedicated hosting plans, you will never concern yourself with hitting some traffic restriction so you're able to focus on developing your sites and getting more visitors.

Monthly Traffic in VPS Web Hosting

With each virtual private server plan that we offer, we provide a different monthly site traffic quota that will depend on how powerful the server is. Thus, we can keep the lower-end plans less expensive and give you the chance to pick the package you need in accordance with your budget as well as your resource needs. Upgrading from one plan to another is pretty simple and normally takes just a couple of mouse-clicks in your VPS billing Control Panel, so when you start getting more website visitors at some point so you need an increased website traffic quota, you will be able to switch to a better plan at any time. We will inform you when you reach 90% of your monthly quota, so that you'll have the required time either to upgrade or to optimise your web sites, to lower the outbound website traffic. Our VPS plans also include a server management panel where you can see how much traffic has already been used for the present month and how much is left up till you get to the quota cap.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The dedicated servers hosting packages that we offer you feature large traffic allowances which are sufficient for almost any web site, even a video streaming portal or a preferred social media. Terabytes of website traffic will be available to you every month and the management panel that is featured with each and every dedicated server will give you data how much data has been transferred already and what amount is available for the current month. In order to avoid service interruptions, we will let you know when you reach 90% of the quota and you're able to either decrease the site traffic generated by your websites by optimizing their content material, or you may increase the quota for your account. It's highly unlikely that you'll ever need such an upgrade, but we chose to leave this alternative open. The statistics in that panel feature the full website traffic, compared to the statistics in your hosting Control Panel where you can find only the traffic from sites, but not from server-side software downloads and / or updates.